Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that you have many questions regarding our organization and how we serve you and your child so we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions for your convenience. More details are explained in the Prospective Parent tour. For general information such as hours of operation and location please visit our general info page.

What is your sick child policy?

We request all children are in good health and able to participate in group care. If a child becomes ill, we will notify a parent immediately and request that the child be 24-hour fever-, diarrhea-, vomit-free to return to school. This policy is in the best interest of all children, parents and staff to minimize contamination.

If we decide to take a month off, do I still pay tuition?

Yes. Our tuition contracts are based on annual tuition. For the convenience of our families, we accept the tuition in monthly payments. Tuition for the year is due, regardless of your child’s attendance.

Do you offer sibling discounts?

No, we do not offer sibling discounts.

Do you offer tuition assistance?

Yes, to qualifying families. Please see our section on Tuition Assistance for more details.

What are your vacation days and holidays?

We are closed: 2 weeks in the winter, 1 week in the spring, and 1 week in the summer. Additionally, we we are closed the standard legal holidays and have a total of 6 professional development days reserved for our staff when the school is closed.

How many children do you serve?

Marine Park = 51 Ocean Park = 82

What is the educational background of your teachers?

Teachers at Growing Place have a minimum of a BA degree in Early Childhood Education/Child Development or a BA in related field and 12 ECE units. In addition, our teachers and assistants generally have two years of experience working with young children and families. We also require all of our teachers to complete the Reggio Approach to Teaching course at the college level. For more information on our teachers visit our role of the teacher page.

Is your staff trained in CPR and First Aid?

Yes, all of our staff is trained annually in CPR and First Aid. We will close our program early (at 5:00pm) one day to accommodate this training for our staff.

Are you accredited?

Yes, Growing Place is accredited with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). We have maintained our accreditation with NAEYC since 1989.

Do you have an emergency plan?

Each campus has a disaster plan in place and posted in each classroom throughout the centers. Fire and earthquake drills are held monthly to practice evacuation procedures with children and staff so all are familiar with the process, where to go, and their roles.

Do you do any fundraising?

Our Annual Investment Campaign requires 100% parent participation, community members and businesses to “close the gap” between tuition and our non-profit program expenses. Each campus hosts a spring fundraiser where proceeds support our Teacher Education fund and our Tuition Assistance Program.

How do you help children transition into your program?

We gradually introduce new children to the program so that each child becomes comfortable at school while building trusting relationships with his/her teachers and environment. We require parents to spend the time necessary in the first three days with their child to help with the transition to school. This often requires arranging in advance to take time off of work to support your child’s transition. During these three days, we ask parents to participate in different parts of our day. We may also suggest play-dates with a peer so that children can bridge a relationship from home to school. Each family has an intake meeting with their child’s teacher, and a detailed transition calendar, authentic to the child, is created.

How do parents receive information?

Parents receive information in several ways: twice a year, parents conference with their child’s teacher to discuss each child’s progress and create goals together. Parents also receive a monthly email from their child’s teacher to continue the dialogue from the conference. Monthly, our teachers post documentation panels in the classroom and on our blog. Back to School & Open School Nights, teachers discuss the on-going learning investigations of the children.

A weekly campus newsletter keeps parents informed with school notices, campus events as well as child development articles and messages from the Directors.

Do you offer extra programs?

Parents in our upper class rooms (Star, Sky and Palm Room) may sign their child up for Broadway Gym for an additional fee and space permitting.

Do you offer any parenting classes?

Yes, Growing Place offers a parenting series to currently enrolled parents. We also offer Kindergarten topic discussions. We promote local community parenting programs that we are familiar with via our weekly newsletter to parents.

How do you work with challenging behaviors?

Children need limits in order to feel secure about themselves and their environment. Our approach to discipline is to see it as an opportunity for problem solving. When children have a dispute, we use “talking chairs”, a technique where children learn to solve their own problems with support from an adult. Teachers are actively engaged with children, listening to them, modeling appropriate skills, and helping them to see the alternatives and consequences to their behavior. Corporal punishment, isolation and harsh words are not part of our philosophy.